About Me

Name: Karina Crespo

Age: 21 Years Young

Location: North New Jersey/New York City

Why did I start blogging?  I've grown up with two hardworking parents and a wonderful stepdad who have taught me what it means to take on the world and it's challenges head on, while taking time to appreciate all of its blessings. I'm also a proud Latina, I grew up with parents who came from absolutely nothing and worked hard to give me everything they could. I feel empowered as a latina and I hope to inspire others to know that they can do anything they set their minds to especially if you open your hearts and mind to the world and new experiences. 

  As I look back on even the past year alone, I can see in myself how much I have grown and lived to experience! My friends have always been encouraging, supportive and inquisitive about my life. I work in the music industry, and for that reason, I am able to travel often for both work and leisure. Living in an area with New York City as my backyard- I am exposed to new fashion and beauty trends. At the same time, growing up in today's society, I am susceptible to the pressures around me. I choose to live a fun, healthy and adventurous lifestyle and I want to share with anyone who will listen my tips, tricks, loves, stories and whatever else happens along the journey. Whether it's one person or even a million reading, blogging has become so therapeutic for me and I encourage anyone to give it a shot! 

Favorite quote: "If it happens, it will be wonderful. If it doesn't, it's been wonderful"- Anonymous. 

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