Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Travel Tips!

I’ve never been one of those people who “minded” being on planes…until now. This year had me traveling QUITE a bit, and planes can be insanely boring, not to mention terrible for your skin! I’ve put together my list of top essentials and must have tricks for surviving flights, whether it’s a quick trip or a long haul! 

1. Get Some Rest! 
I used to think "I don't have to sleep tonight, I'll sleep on the plane tomorrow". WRONG. It's super important that you start your trip off well rested. You never know what factors might affect your sleep (or lack-there-of) on flights. So why take the chance? On that note, I also like to bring my neck pillow, an eye mask (to block out the light if those around you are reading or have their window shade up), a comfy sweater and some fuzzy socks to get nice and cozy on those cold plane rides. 

2.  Stay fresh and clean!
This is a tip for your sake and the sake of those around you. Be sure to stay "well groomed" before your flight, being on a plane for several hours doesn't necessarily bring out the best of our natural fragrances. That being said, I always like to travel with a travel sized deodorant, toothbrush (wisps are great too!), gum, and a travel perfume/rollerball. 

I can't stress this enough, I never realized the importance of staying hydrated on flights until this year. Recycled air on planes literally sucks the life out of your skin. It's important to stay hydrated inside and out. Be sure to drink lots of water and I like to also bring a mini moisturizer for my face as well as one for my hands. Remember! Liquids MUST be under 3.4 oz to get through TSA regulations. 

4. Headphones and a great playlist!
I'm a big music freak and I am pretty much constantly playing my Spotify (which ranges from Carrie Underwood to Fetty Wap to J Balvin to Foo Fighters). But when you're traveling abroad, you might not be able to access Spotify or Pandora, so it's important that you create a playlist with enough variety that you know you won't get bored of it after hearing it through your hours of plane rides and while your at your destination. 
*Note: On my trip to Italy last summer, I forgot to update my new iPhone's music library...I played Sam Smith's album on repeat for a month straight...don't make that same mistake. 

5. Stay Entertained!
I always like to pack a good book for the plane, it’s also nice to have a good read if your destination includes a beach or you’ll be on trains or have any type of downtime to kill on your journey. My current read is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Magazines are great to have on hand too, but they tend to get heavy in my bag and I flip through them pretty quickly so they aren’t really a “necessity” for me. I’ll also download a movie/TV show or two to my computer/iPad for inflight entertainment. 

6. Charge up! 
Make sure any electronic devices you’re bringing are well charged. It’s never fun to land at your destination with a dead cell phone, or go to snap a pic and your camera’s dead. Also! Be sure you have the proper adapters if you are traveling abroad. I bought this great set before my recent trip to Europe. 

7. Who’s Hungry? 
I always like to pack a few snacks in my bag with me, just in case the airplane food is completely unbearable or maybe not even offered. I’m a big fan of NatureBox, but I also will usually have pretzels, cliff bars, some chocolate chips (hey-we all have a sweet tooth). I carry things that are portable and not too messy, I tend to stay away from things that could spill or smash easily while getting bonked around in my bag, like fruit and yogurt.  

8. Pack Like A Pro
When you’re packing for a trip, it’s easy to panic and want to throw your entire closet in a suitcase and roll on up to the airport, but pause, inhale, exhale, and PLAN. I like to use Pinterest and Polyvore to plan my outfits ahead of time. Be sure to check the weather forecasts for each city you’re going to. I then put together a general “itinerary” to know what I’ll be doing each day of my trip and pack outfits accordingly. Sometimes it’s better to think sensible more than fashionable. Those 4 inch peep toe sling backs might not be suitable for strolling the cobble stone streets of Rome. Plus, the less you pack…the more room in your bag to shop ;) 
*Note: Stay tuned for a “Pack with Me” post coming soon, where I’ll break down how I pack for trips, long and short. 

9. Cute and Comfy
Lastly, something my Mom always taught me, no matter how long the flight is to always look your best. You never know who you might run into at the airport, on your flight, or when you land, so why not at least look somewhat put together. I’m not saying whip out the skin tight leather pants, 5 inch Louboutins and silk chiffon blouse…but a nice comfy pair of jeggings, t-shirt and sweater can go a long way. Brush your hair, add some tinted moisturizer and maybe some clear mascara and you’re good to go. Hey- if Nick Jonas was on your flight would you want to look like you just rolled out of bed?  

So those are my tips, I hope they’ve helped! Leave a comment below and share any other tips or tricks you might have! 

And of course, here's to those who long to be well traveled! 


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